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Neurologist Uses 3D Printing to Make a Multiple Sclerosis Breakthrough


MakerBot reports that Dr. Darin T. Okuda, the Director of Neuroinnovation at University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, just developed a method that can accurately identify multiple sclerosis lesions in the brain.

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Understanding MRI: Multiple Sclerosis


Understanding the importance of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) in the diagnosis and management of multiple sclerosis (MS) is highly important.  We believe that all patients with MS should have familiarity with this non-invasive test, understand what your healthcare providers are evaluating, recognize what features are best in predicting future disability, and learn strategies on how you can optimize your experience while simultaneously benefitting your healthcare team.

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Pre-Meet : Multiple Sclerosis


Pre-Meet: Multiple Sclerosis is designed to help patients who have been referred to a multiple sclerosis specialist by helping them prepare before their appointment, know what to expect during their examination, and learn crucial next steps to follow depending on the outcome of the appointment.

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Top 50 Teachings in Neurology


The field of neurology can appear intimidating and hard to understand. The Top 50 Teachings in Neurology provides a quick review of the most salient and critically important elements related to key clinical skills, highly relevant clinical topics, neuroimaging, and sections dedicated to discovery and our own neuroanatomical design. 

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Fatigue Fix


Over 90% of multiple sclerosis (MS) patients suffer from fatigue and many report it as their most debilitating symptom. We’re here to fix that! MS Fatigue-Fix will help you better understand your MS fatigue, identify common habits that could be increasing your fatigue, and most importantly, give you customized solutions to help increase your energy levels! 

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MS Relapse Tool


MS Relapse Tool provides a unique platform to remotely evaluate your current symptoms and the probability of a MS relapse. Enter in your current symptoms and the MS Relapse Tool will assess the likelihood that you are experiencing a true MS relapse. The MS Relapse Tool is great for both newly diagnosed and experienced MS patients.


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Plant Process


Research has shown that a whole food, plant-based lifestyle is optimal for our overall health and can even help prevent a number of diseases, but how can you practically change your dietary habits? Plant Process provides guidance on how to meet your dietary goals with a 5-week transition process.  All recipes use inexpensive ingredients that are easily available at the local supermarket. We make embarking on a plant-based lifestyle easy.

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